simply. good. beer.

Symbol Brewing Company

Symbol Brewing is an innovative, limited-quantity, rotating beer line from 3 Nations Brewing. Our brewers live to create innovative, fun beers. Every other month three new beers will come marked with a new symbol.  

Simply.Good.Beer.  That is what Symbol Brewing is about.  Symbols create conversations.  Our goal is for people to enjoy good beer and good conversations.  

Love a Symbol brew?  Better get it while you can because the next batch will be something new and different.  Available in 16-ounce cans, Symbol Brewing is created for the craft beer lover.  

Russian Imperial Stout with Sour Cherries

This Russian Imperial Stout is a very serious beer. It will not smile at you. It is dark, tremendous, and tells no lies. You may consume it, but it will consequently consume you.

That alone makes it an obvious candidate for a Symbol debut. But let’s be honest, it sounds a little scary.

Popularized by its historical export from England to Russia, this style of stout is extra roasty, strong, and hoppy. And perhaps that was enough for the Russian Czars, but not for the esteemed court of Symbol. Let it be known that this tribute is fit for royalty – a bounty of sour cherries are infused with this massive stout, balancing the intensity and elevating the flavor. Prepare to be consumed.

9.5% ABV | 45 IBUs

Winter Ale

Cozy up fireside with this collaboration with Barrow Brewing. This Winter Ale is best enjoyed during the holiday season. Enjoy the rich, complex malt character of this brew, elevated by uniquely fruity New Zealand hops that channel the warmth of the southern hemisphere to balance the chilly winter season.

7.2% ALC/VOL | 30 IBUs

Double West Coast IPA

This beer will certainly make waves. Our Double West Coast IPA utilizes hop terpenes resulting in a better hop character, intense aroma, and flavor. It is dry-hopped with Columbus, Chinook, Cascade, and Strata hops. Look for dank bitter notes along with pine, cotton candy, and citrus flavors with a tropical edge.

9% ABV | 100 + IBUs


Our “Coldest IPA” is brewed with Pilsner malt and 20% flaked rice to create a nice and light body to let the hops shine the brightest.  Cryo Czech Saaz hops add spicy notes while the New Zealand hops add stone fruit, tropical notes, and citrus.

6.5% ABV | 46 IBUs


Quench your thirst on those sunny days with this heavily fruited sour that combines orange puree, peach puree, and whole vanilla beans to create a fruity and sorbet-like beer. You can hand-pick this heavily fruited sour right from your fridge.

6.5% ABV | 5 IBUs


Double IPA
We collaborated with our friends at Vector Brewing and chose the freshest buds from the Amarillo hop for this Double IPA. The combination from this collaboration yields strong pineapple, tropical, and citrus notes.

8% ABV | 86 IBUS


India Pale Ale
This beer is money! The Black IPA celebrates the shortening of the days with notes of chocolate and caramel and is finished with spicy malts. This West Coast IPA is dank with hops grown in the northwest.

7.0% ABV | 55 IBUs

Check back for a sneak peek at our next release

* Planned beers are dependent on availability of product and may be substituted prior to brew.

These brews are only available in limited quantities.  You can find them at DFW based independent retailers and growler bars.